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Transformational Hikes

For women

Because it’s time to become who you’re meant to become

Embark on an extraordinary journey and unlock the limitless potential within you.


06 Oct – 18 Oct 2024

Indulge in the untamed beauty of Portugal’s coast, where nature’s masterpieces are unveiled through rugged shorelines, secluded coves, and sun-kissed dunes adorned with vibrant vegetation. Immerse yourself in the allure of charming whitewashed villages and surrender to the embrace of the refreshing Atlantic Ocean. The beaches will leave you breathless.

This is an unforgettable hiking experience, where the coastal vibes combined with the Sole Change transformational program weave their enchanting magic and transport you to an inner world beyond compare.

Welcome to Sole Change

I’m Deborah Cutting

What we do

Making yours a greater life with transformational journeys on foot.

Why us?

I walked over 20,000 km in 29 countries to facilitate a greater life with greater love and to help others do the same.

I truly understood how profoundly healing and transformative nature and long-distance hiking are, because I was remade.

So I combined my great passions and extensive experience of hiking, facilitating, and personal and spiritual development, to help others realize the greater life that’s calling them.

Launch your Greater Life:

Join a Sole Change

Are you feeling overwhelmed and struggling with the bumps and grind of this rapidly changing, torn, and dismantling world? Is your mind a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions, leaving you feeling conflicted, anxious, or fearful? Do you feel a sense of isolation or disconnection from your true self, perhaps finding solace in unhealthy habits, conforming to societal expectations, or succumbing to the myriad of daily pressures, leading a life that doesn’t align with who you are and why you’re really here at this time? Are you plagued by a deep dissatisfaction and discomfort caused by the choices you’ve made or are about to make, which are diverting you from your true path?

This derailment you’re experiencing is actually a catalyst, urging you to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, to understand your relationships, and to uncover the purpose of your existence at this very moment. If you’re questioning whether the rat race and your current life circumstances are all there is, and you’re seeking answers that provide clarity, certainty, and direction, then you have arrived at the right place, right now. Your energy is far more powerful than you realize, and it’s time to redirect it toward the greater life that is calling out to you.


Embrace your awakening and recognize the incredible gift that resides within you. It’s never too late, you aren’t beyond hope, and failure doesn’t define you. However, to return to your blueprint path, you must take action.

There is a profound transformation awaiting you and a powerful call to heed. It’s time to wholeheartedly receive the Greater Life that awaits you, unlocking your full potential, inner harmony, and boundless self.

Your well-being and the capacity to elevate yourself, nurture genuine maturity, and make a meaningful impact on others hinge upon the choices you make at this critical juncture. Contributing to humanity and serving others is ingrained in your heart. So, it’s time to grow and evolve. Your calling holds immense significance, and your response is crucial, not just for your own fulfillment, but for the liberation, safeguarding, and progress of humanity during this transitional phase of evolution.

Embarking on a Sole Change transformational journey will set you on the right course, fueling your well-being and deepening your utmost connection to fulfill your purpose and make the impact you were destined to make.

The next Sole Change


06 – 18 October 2024

Coastal Walk: 13 days, with 11 days of hiking

Over 20 hours of life upgrading activities

Deeply connecting and fulfilling experience

Bolstered by a Facilitator / Trip leader

New and meaningful Sole Change friendships

More value for money than most hiking trips

What is a Sole Change?


Unleash your potential, redefine your path, and embrace limitless joy and success. Our transformative strategy ignites confidence, strength, and clarity to live your greatest life.

Two tootsies

Your feet were made for walking, and so, we walk. Long-distance hiking in nature is a profoundly beneficial wellness experience: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Terrific Trails

Experience the transformative power of nature as you traverse our awe-inspiring trails. With breathtaking scenery, well-marked routes, and a perfect blend of solitude, simplicity, and challenge, our trails offer a unique adventure.


Your well-being is intricately linked to the quality of your relationships. We prioritize creating meaningful connections and fostering a sense of goodness. Together, we embark on a transformative journey, championing one another every step of the way.


Enlightening teachings elevate your spirit, awaken your inner wisdom, and set you on a profound journey toward a more purposeful and fulfilling life.

A Sole Change is the Perfect Way to Revive

Ready for a Greater Life?

Before a Sole Change

Disconnected from yourself and life

Lost and lacking purpose and meaning

Dissatisfied and disappointed

Struggling with self-doubt and negativity

After a Sole Change

Reconnected with yourself and life and feeling good

CERTAIN of your greater life with greater purpose

Revitalized and aligned for true fulfillment and contribution

Confidence and clarity to boldly move forward


The breathtaking Portugal hike is rated as moderately challenging.

Embarking from Lagos and concluding in Porto Covo, this remarkable journey takes you along stunning clifftops, rugged coastlines, and picturesque beaches. Immerse yourself in the enchanting coastal ambiance that weaves its alchemical magic, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and inspired to pursue a greater life.

However, to fully enjoy this adventure, regular walking and preparation for sandy trails are essential. Be prepared to carry a loaded pack of up to 10kg and ensure your physical condition is in top shape. The hike includes challenging stretches of sand, beach, and dune walking, often requiring you to navigate narrow paths and ascend/descend cliffs to access the beaches. Along the clifftops, brace yourself for invigorating winds. Pack plenty of snacks and water to sustain you throughout each day’s 4-8-hour walking sessions.

To help you prepare, we provide a pre-hike training plan tailored to the demands of the Portugal trail, along with a pre-hike challenge to gauge your readiness.

Price & booking details




What You Get

+ 12 nights accommodation.

+ Breakfast each day.

Arrival day and celebration day dinners.

Sole Change digital preparation pack.

Live online meet & greet & orientation.

Pre-trip challenge.

+ Sole Change Transformation Playbook

+ Over 20 hours of facilitated life-upgrading activities.

+ Experienced Facilitator / Trip leader


Not Included:

− Travel and transfers to and from the start and finish locations.

− Taxi transfers or public transport should you need to skip a stage or finish early.

− Luggage transfers

− Travel and health insurance.

− Lunches, dinners (except as stated), snacks & beverages.

− Personal expenses & items.

− Equipment or equipment hire.

− Tips

− Additional activities or site visits.

Good to know

This is not your typical guided hike.

While your facilitator has extensive hiking experience, they are not a tour guide. They offer something different – a Sole Change Transformational Hike is a unique self-development opportunity in the magnificence of nature so you revive and thrive to live your Greater Life. Come and experience the life-expanding journey with us!

Get Ready

Embark on an extraordinary outdoor adventure filled with countless rewards and thrilling risks. At Sole Change, we care about the safety and well-being of all our participants, so we have implemented eligibility criteria. These are designed not to discriminate, but to responsibly manage the potential risks involved in hiking.

If you’re excited to join this transformative hiking experience, you’ll need to meet our eligibility criteria. Once you register your interest, we’ll provide you with all the necessary details.

If you’re interested in exploring alternative destinations or prefer a different level of challenge, consider checking out our other Sole Change hikes in Slovenia, Norway, and Sweden. For more information, please get in touch with us through the contact form below.

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